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Exfoliate and Hydrate in just 15 seconds

Exfoliate and Hydrate Skin with a "15-second-face-wash"

BLITHE Patting Splash Mask Soothing & Healing Green Tea controls oil and clarifies the pores. The face mask/wash exfoliates the skin with a blend of soothing botanical extracts, Lactic Acid, and Glycolic acid. The liquid mask formula delivers moisturizing and brightening benefits with Green Tea and Tea Tree Leaf oil extracts to energize & rejuvenate sensitive and troubled skin. The high-concentrated exfoliant washes away fine dust and dead skin cells in only '15 seconds' of splashing without irritation. It makes skin smooth and prepares the skin for better absorption of the next skincare product.


When using the exfoliating Splash Mask, you will feel an instant cleansing effect and a moisturizing layer forming on the skin, similar to when using a facial sheet mask. Unlike other harsh peeling mask solutions, this liquid face exfoliant is gentle to the skin, has a balanced pH, and is simple to use in your daily life routine!




The exfoliant mask contains 20% 5-AHA from 5 fruits; Lactic acid(bilberry), glycolic acid(sugar cane), citric acid(orange and lemon), malic acid and tartaric acid(saccharum). These AHA smooth and brighten skin by exfoliating and improving skin texture.



The naturally-fermented, raw ingredient, which is used instead of a synthetic surfactant, is absorbed into the dead skin cells and impurities in the pores to unclog, cleanse, and help smooth out the skin.



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