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Our Approach For Sustainable-minded Beauty

BLITHE COSMETICS supports Earth Day  

Earth Day 2022 is an annual day of action on April 22, the worldwide movement founded in 1970 to diversify, educate and activate environment protection. It is the best day to talk about our sustainably-minded approach with you revealing our serious intent of reducing the environmental impact from concept to creation and long after. We truly believe discussing our environmentally-conscious initiatives helps you engage in more responsible purchasing and disposal decisions. 


Green Splash Tyvek Pouch

BLITHE created this Tyvek pouch as a part of the 'Green Splash' campaign for a month in March to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the foundation. Here our goal is to reduce solid waste material at the end of the product's lifecycle.

Tyvek is a unique 100% synthetic nonwoven material with high-density polyethylene fibers. It is lightweight, durable, and breathable yet resistant to water and tearing. Our pouch is made with this versatile material without plasticizers or restricted chemicals and manufactured by consuming less energy and resources. Though Tyvek is non-biodegradable. However, the good news is that it can be safely incinerated under optimal conditions, which releases water and carbon dioxide, leaving no residue. It does not end up in a landfill and leach harmful compounds into groundwater. 

Removable Labels Post-consumer Recycled (PCR) Containers

BLITHE use removable labels so that anyone can easily pull them out from the container as per the guideline given without leaving a sticky residue. Once the product is finished, rinse the container, remove the label, and throw it into the recycling bin.

Soy Ink Printing

Soy-derived ink is one of the best eco-friendly inks alternatives to petroleum-based inks, which release harmful volatile organic compounds to the environment while printing. And it naturally degrades four-time faster than its petroleum counterpart.


Paper Shipping Material

BLITHE uses shipping material as paper which provides environmental benefits in renewability, recyclability, and compostability.


We know packaging is not the only factor that makes a product circular or conscious. At BLITHE COSMETICS, we incorporate production methods, clean energy, harvesting techniques, and ingredient sourcing that all play into a mission to improve wasteful or unethical practices.

Happy Earth Day!

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