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Our Approach to Sustainable Beauty

Blithe Supports Earth Day   

An image of an ocean wave gently moving, with the calming message 'Soothe your skin' written across it, symbolizing the soothing and refreshing qualities of Blithe skincare products.

Earth Day, celebrated annually on April 22, is more than just a day; it's a global movement that commenced in 1970 with a mission to create widespread awareness and ignite a passion for protecting our environment.

As we approach Earth Day 2022, it presents an opportune moment for us at Blithe to share and discuss our commitment to sustainability. This day symbolizes our ongoing effort to integrate eco-conscious and ethical practices into every aspect of our business, from the initial concept of a product to its creation and beyond.

Our dedication to sustainability is not a fleeting trend but a core value embedded in our company's philosophy. We understand that our decisions as a business have a significant impact on the planet, and we are earnestly committed to minimizing our environmental footprint.

This Earth Day, we want to emphasize how our sustainably-minded approach encompasses the entire lifecycle of our products, and how we are dedicated to providing you with environmentally-conscious skincare.

At Blithe, we are continuously exploring innovative ways to make our products and processes more eco-friendly. We believe that by being transparent and engaging in open dialogues about our sustainability initiatives, we can inspire you, our customers, to make more informed and responsible choices. Whether it's about purchasing decisions or ways to dispose of products sustainably, we aim to empower you to join us in our journey towards a more sustainable future.

This Earth Day, let's reflect on the importance of every action we take and its impact on the environment. Our goal is to inspire change that goes beyond just one day of the year. We are committed to consistently improving and evolving our practices to ensure that we contribute positively to the planet, not just on Earth Day but every day. Join us in celebrating Earth Day 2022 and embrace our collective responsibility to protect and nurture our environment.

 Green Splash Tyvek Pouch

In March, Blithe proudly launched the 'Green Splash' campaign, a crucial initiative forming part of our 10th-anniversary celebrations. A significant highlight of this campaign is the introduction of our innovative Tyvek pouch, designed to significantly minimize solid waste material at the conclusion of the product's lifecycle. This endeavor aligns with our unwavering commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainable practices.

The Tyvek material we've chosen for these pouches represents a breakthrough in sustainable packaging. Made from 100% synthetic nonwoven fabric composed of high-density polyethylene fibers, Tyvek offers a unique combination of qualities. It's remarkably lightweight and breathable, yet possesses exceptional durability, being highly resistant to water and tearing. These properties make it an ideal material for packaging that's both practical and resilient.

One of the most compelling aspects of our Tyvek pouch is its eco-friendly manufacturing process. We've carefully selected this material for its minimal environmental impact, as it is produced without the use of harmful plasticizers or restricted chemicals. Furthermore, the production of Tyvek requires significantly less energy and resources compared to traditional packaging materials, making it a more sustainable choice.

While Tyvek is non-biodegradable, it offers an environmentally sound end-of-life solution. It can be safely incinerated under optimal conditions, a process that efficiently breaks it down into water and carbon dioxide. This means that, unlike many other materials, Tyvek does not contribute to landfill waste or release harmful substances into groundwater systems. Its ability to be incinerated cleanly and leave no residue is a significant advantage, ensuring that our packaging doesn't contribute to the growing problem of environmental pollution.

Through the 'Green Splash' campaign and our adoption of Tyvek pouches, Blithe takes a significant step forward in our ongoing journey toward sustainability through solid waste reduction. We are not only celebrating a decade of innovation and excellence but also reinforcing our commitment to reducing our environmental footprint. By choosing Tyvek for our packaging, we aim to lead by example in the cosmetics industry, demonstrating that it's possible to combine functionality, aesthetics, and environmental responsibility in product design and packaging.

Removable Labels on Post-consumer Recycled (PCR) Containers

At Blithe, we've implemented the use of removable labels on our containers. These labels are designed for easy removal, ensuring no sticky residue is left behind. Our commitment to sustainability extends to the end of our product's life cycle. We encourage users to simply rinse the empty container, remove the label, and place it in the recycling bin, aiding in responsible waste management.

A GIF showing a person peeling off the label from a Blithe Patting Splash Mask - Soothing and Healing Green Tea bottle and placing the bottle in a recycling bin, illustrating the ease of Blithe's eco-friendly packaging practices.

Eco-Friendly Soy Ink Printing

In our printing processes, we've chosen soy-derived ink as a superior eco-friendly alternative to traditional petroleum-based inks. Soy ink not only avoids releasing harmful volatile organic compounds into the environment, but it also degrades four times faster than petroleum-based inks, making it a more sustainable choice for our planet.


Close-up view of a Blithe product package highlighting the soy ink printing logo, emphasizing BLITHE COSMETICS' commitment to eco-friendly and sustainable printing practices.

Sustainable Paper Shipping Materials

For our shipping materials, we have opted for paper due to its numerous environmental advantages. Paper is a renewable resource, easily recyclable, and can be composted, reducing our carbon footprint and contributing to our goal of sustainability.


A GIF showcasing Blithe product packaging made from paper materials, highlighting BLITHE COSMETICS' dedication to environmentally responsible and sustainable packaging solutions.

Holistic Approach to Sustainability

At Blithe, we understand that sustainable practices extend beyond just packaging. We are dedicated to incorporating responsible production methods, utilizing clean energy, and employing ethical harvesting techniques and ingredient sourcing. These practices are integral to our mission to reduce wasteful and unethical practices in the beauty industry.

As we celebrate Earth Day, we remain committed to these principles, striving towards a more sustainable and conscious approach in all aspects of our operations. Join us in honoring Earth Day and contributing to a healthier planet.

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