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How to participate in the event

Are you ready to show off your Blithe spirit and take part in this exciting event? Participating is easy! Simply follow the guidelines below and submit your best Blithe picture for a chance to win big. Here's how you can get started:

Capture your Blithe moment

Find a moment that perfectly represents your love for Blithe. It could be your favorite Blithe product with a stunning landscape, a creative flat lay, or a beautifully styled selfie - the choice is yours! Let your creativity shine through and showcase what Blithe means to you.

Get your picture ready

Once you have your perfect Blithe picture, make sure to share it on your profile. 


In order to be considered for the competition, make sure to tag our official Instagram in your post. This will help us find your picture easily and ensure that it's included in the selection process. Don't forget to use the designated hashtag as well (#MyBlithe) so your picture can be easily found by other participants and Blithe enthusiasts.

Remember, your picture should be shared on your profile, not as a direct message to us. This will ensure that it's visible to everyone and can receive the likes it deserves.


An array of customer snapshots artfully arranged into a collage, displaying Blithe products in an assortment of personalized and engaging contexts, highlighting the brand's diverse and enthusiastic user base.

Getting Likes on Your Blithe Picture

Now that you've shared your best Blithe picture and tagged us, it's time to focus on getting likes. But why are likes so important? Here's why:

The number of likes your picture receives is the primary factor in determining whether it makes it to the top 10. We will closely monitor the likes on each submission and create a shortlist of the pictures with the highest number of likes.

The role of pool voting in choosing the Top 3 winners

Once the top 10 pictures have been chosen and featured on the Instagram stories, it's time for you to play a part in choosing the top 3 winners. We will have set up a pool voting system to ensure that the winners are selected by the Blithe community. Here's how it works :

01 Voting period 

We will announce the start of the voting period once the top 10 pictures have been featured on the Instagram stories. This is your chance to review the pictures and cast your vote for your favorites. The voting period will typically last for a specified number of days, so make sure to cast your vote within the given timeframe.

02 One vote per person

Each person is allowed to cast only one vote. This ensures fairness and prevents any form of manipulation or bias in the voting process. So make sure to choose your favorite picture wisely and select the one that truly captures your attention and represents the essence of Blithe.

03 Winner selection

Once the voting period ends, we will tally the votes and determine the top 3 winners based on the highest number of votes received. The winners will be announced on our Instagram account and will receive their prizes accordingly.

The pool voting system allows the Blithe community to have a say in choosing the winners and ensures that the competition is fair and transparent. So make sure to cast your vote and support your favorite picture. Your vote could make a difference and help determine the final winners.

A user-generated photo capturing a Blithe product elegantly placed in a real-life setting, reflecting the genuine connection and positive experiences of a customer with the brand.

The prizes for the Top 3 winners

Now let's talk about the exciting part - the prizes for the top 3 winners! Blithe has put together an incredible prize package for the winners, with a total value of up to $200 worth of Blithe products. Here's what the winners can look forward to:

First place
The first-place winner will receive a Blithe gift set worth $100. This gift set will include a selection of Blithe's best-selling products, carefully curated to enhance your skincare routine, and give you that radiant Blithe glow. 

Second place
The second-place winner will receive a $75 Blithe gift set. Get ready to indulge in the luxurious world of Blithe and discover the products that best suit your needs.

Third place
The third-place winner will receive a $50 Blithe gift set. Treat yourself to high-quality, innovative skincare products and experience the transformative power of Blithe.

The prize package is designed to reward the winners for their creativity, talent, and dedication to showcasing the Blithe spirit. Whether you're an existing Blithe enthusiast or new to the brand, these prizes will allow you to experience the best of Blithe and elevate your skincare routine.

An imaginative image featuring a clock, with one of its handles creatively replaced by a Blithe product, symbolizing the timely integration of Blithe into daily skincare routines.

 Deadline for participation and announcement of winners

The clock is ticking, and time is running out! The deadline for participating in this exciting event is August 19th. Make sure to submit your best Blithe picture before this date to be considered for the competition. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to showcase your talent and win amazing prizes.

Once the deadline has passed, we will carefully review all the submissions, select the top 10 pictures, and feature them on our Instagram stories. The voting period will then commence, giving you the chance to cast your vote and help choose the top 3 winners.

The winners will be announced shortly after the voting period ends, so make sure to stay tuned to the official Blithe account for updates and announcements. We will also reach out to the winners directly to coordinate the delivery of their prizes.

So mark your calendars, set your reminders, and make sure to submit your best Blithe picture before August 19th. This is your chance to shine, win amazing prizes, and become part of the vibrant Blithe community.

So don't wait any longer - get your cameras ready, find your perfect Blithe moment, and share your best Blithe picture on your profile. Tag the event organizers, encourage your friends and followers to like your picture, and increase your chances of being featured on the Instagram stories.

Remember, every picture tells a story, and your Blithe picture could be the one that captures the hearts and votes of the Blithe community. Embrace your creativity, stay true to the essence of Blithe, and let the world see your incredible talent.

Hurry, time is running out! The deadline for participation is August 19th, so make sure to submit your picture before then. Get ready for an exhilarating journey filled with likes, votes, and the chance to win amazing prizes. Show off your Blithe spirit and let the world see the magic that lies within you. Good luck! 😍

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