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Blithe's Signature Line : Solid Cold-Pressed Serum

Blithe's Signature Skincare Line : Solid Cold-Pressed Serum  for Skin Barrier Repair

Blithe's philosophy is reflected in this signature line up: the Solid Cold-Pressed Serum. This unique skincare product is based on research into the main skin troubles faced by urban women, not marginalizing sensitive skin types. The serum combines the benefits of both serums and creams to provide effective and efficient care for your skin.

The Solid Serum provides intense hydration and nourishment to repair skin barrier damage. Its unique formula is absorbed better than regular creams, making it an ideal choice for those with sensitive skin or anyone looking for a double repair face moisturizer. Choose BLITHE's Solid Cold-Pressed Serum for your daily skincare routine and experience the difference in your skin's health and appearance.



The Thought Behind the Pressed Serum Line - Deeper nourishment, Quicker absorption:


  1. A charging solution with nutritious ingredients from world longevity area: BLITHE found another secret against anti-polluaging in our society that helps prolong our health and beauty. The secret lies in the longevity plants from clean areas, the opposite of the city that causes the harmful environment we live in today.
  2. Increased Extracts and Reduced Harmful Components: The people behind BLITHE maximized the product's efficacy by increasing the content of extracts and reduced harmful components to minimize skin irritation of urban women, caused by pollution and stress.
  3. 36-hour Slow cooling process: To compress moisture and nutrition and make the texture softer, the slow cooling process was done for 36 hours to collect the quality of serum wholly and solely.
  4. 120-hour Fermented oil: Instead of applying the olive oil and argan tree connel oil directly, the oil goes through a 120-hour slow fermentation process in order to maintain nutrients of the raw ingredients, increase hydration, and improve absorption to the skin. This helps to increase the absorption speed of the product and make the texture feeling light on the skin.


Benefits of Pressed Serum:

  • Serum and cream in 1 product
  • Unique texture
  • Easy to apply
  • Instant absorption into the skin

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