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Seasonal Skincare Routine: Prepping for Spring

It's that time of the year to transition back again into springtime skincare routine as temperature and humidity increases. Seasonal change affects you skin's moisture balance and barrier strength and listening to your skin is the best way to be prepared for it. In this blog post, we are covering some skincare tips to help you keep glowing throughout the seasonal change. Keep reading to learn how to transition your skincare routine and prepare for spring.

Should Skincare Routine Change With the Seasons?

Spring time is the change from dry weather to humid. This shift can surprisingly cause excessive dryness, oiliness, and with all the changes, increased sensitivity. In order to prepare for these looming problems, your skincare routine should contain: protection, hydration, and exfoliation. 

Skin's Need Come Spring Time

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As the days start getting longer and the nights getting shorter, as the weather gets warmer and we move away from the cold and bitter winter, our skin's needs change accordingly. Here are some tips on how to prepare:

The spring is here, the flowers are blooming, the bees are buzzing, the nature is kabooming, and so are all the allergies out there. The allergy-suppressing medicines that are meant to help us breathe, do the opposite of that for our skin. The tissues we clutch to for dear life, scratch at our skin like no other. And all of this causes dry skin. This is why moisturizing is one of the most important parts of your spring skincare routine.

Picking the right moisturizer depending on your skin type is very important. If you have acne-prone/oily skin, use light moisturizer. Heavy and thick moisturizers might get uncomfortable as the weather gets warmer, opting in for a light weight moisturizer and layering it with other deeper moisturizing products (serums / essences) would be a smarter solution for warmer weathers. 

Wear Sunscreen 
Come spring time, the days get longer. As the weather gets more pleasant, you tend to enjoy the sun and the outdoors more; which is good for your serotonin levels as you and your bone definitely need that vitamin K. However, with all those days staying indoor and being less exposed to the sun, your skin is much more sensitive to the sun, so don't forget to wear your SPF regularly. Protect your skin against the harmful UV rays to ensure your safety.

With the temperatures rising comes the sweat. Your skin holds onto more debris on the surface this season and therefore still needs exfoliation. Do not skimp on exfoliation come spring time. Exfoliation clears away the debris, the trapped bacteria, and the excess sebum, and helps you get less acne flare-ups and a clearer skin. 

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How to Transition Your Skincare From Winter to Spring?

Here is a simple skincare routine to make the transition easier :

Step One: Cleanser
Every skincare routine must start from cleansing. Since you will be exfoliating more during this season, make sure your cleanser is not a heavy one. Opt in for a light cleansing foam if you have an oily/acne prone skin. If you have a dry skin, our Himalayan Pink Salt Anti-Polluaging Cleansing Water is a perfect spring time cleansing solution for you. It's not only clears away makeup and dirt and grime, but also hydrates your skin and strengthens your skin's moisture barrier which is always a welcome effect for any skincare products that is capable of offering it. 

Step Two: Exfoliate
Now that you have washed away makeup, dirt and other surface level skin impurities, it's the perfect time to wash away the dead skin cells and sebum on your skin through exfoliation. Regular exfoliation is necessary for strengthening and maintaining skin's moisture barrier health, but like everything skincare, maintaining the balance is crucial in this routine. Over-exfoliation can destroy your skin's moisture barrier and cause irritation and early aging. Once a week for sensitive and dry skins and twice a week for oily and combination complexions are the maximum number of times you should be exfoliation. If physical exfoliators are too harsh for your sensitive skin, try a gentle chemical exfoliator. Our Patting Splash Masks are very gentle and mild chemical exfoliators and are perfect for exfoliating without any stripping.  

Step Three: Moisturize
There won't be a need for heavy moisturizers this season. A gel based light moisturizer would do for spring. If you have acne-prone skin, Pressed Serum Crystal Iceplant will help soothe and calm your skin. If you have a dry skin and are looking for a moisturizer with a creamy texture, Pressed Serum Velvet Yam might be more what you are looking for. 

Step Four: SPF
Sun protection must  become the holy grail of your skincare routine throughout the year. We cannot emphasize this enough. Use SPF anytime you are going to spend time outdoors. Sun damage goes way beyond a mere sunburn as the harmful UV rays break collagen and cause water loss, resulting in early aging. In order to prevent these harmful side effects, wear a sunscreen every single time you are going outside, but specially more so in spring and summer time.

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Were any of these tips helpful to you? Tell us below!

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