Patting Splash Mask

Patting Splash Mask Yellow Citrus & Honey 150ml

5.07 fl oz
7 reviews
 for Brightening & Radiance
  • Patting Splash Mask: This product offers 3 variations of facial masks. Inspired by the Korean traditional facial wash method with rice water to make your face brightened and moisturized.
  • Vitality & Radiance: It is easy to use and its rich Vitamin C level helps to illuminate the skin while the honey gives a moisturizing boost.
  • Organic Ingredients: This product contains a concentrated blend of citrus acid, lemon, and honey extracts that helps brighten dull and fatigued skin and helps skin appear more radiant and invigorating.
  • Our Recommendation: It is suitable for all skin types, especially dark dull & sensitive skin. 
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4.9 Based on 7 Reviews
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Love How This Absorbs!

Easy to use and I do feel I notice a difference. I really like how this applies and soaks in. Will continue to use.

Splash mask

I ordered this product because I received a sample prior and after I tried it, I liked how it made my skin smooth. Make sure you follow the instructions when you use it.

Blake F.

These Blithe Patting Splash Masks were all the rage a couple of years ago on the K-Beauty YouTube circuit. Honestly, Blithe isn't a brand you hear too much about any more and that's too bad because they make some unique and effective products. This is called a "mask" but it's really more like an astringent. It's formulated to be diluted with water before being splashed onto the skin. You can either mix it with water in your sink or use it in the shower (after you've already wet your face). Since I bathe rather than shower, I opted to try this in the tub. As instructed, I poured a capful into my palms and splashed it onto my damp skin. I tried the Energy Yellow Citrus & Honey version which is very bracing with a dry citrus/honey/camphor type aroma that smells exactly like Luden's Honey Lemon sore throat drops. Don't make the same mistake that I did - avoid getting this in your eyes at all costs. Believe me, it burns. But other than that slight mishap, I really love the way this makes my skin look and feel. After emerging from the tub, my face felt bit tingly and ultra fresh with a nice flush to my cheeks. I followed up immediately with a light moisturizer to mitigate any potential dryness and my skin looked great in the morning. Word of warning to those with sensitive skin or who wish to avoid fragrance in their skincare - while this doesn't contain any artificial fragrance, it's chock full of aromatics, including Honey, Lemon and Orange extracts as well as Grapefruit Peel, Juniper, Peppermint and Sandalwood oils.

Gen o.
Lovely exfoliating product with a fun way of using it

I really like that this product can be used in the shower just by carefully splashing it over your wet face, rubbing it into the areas that need plenty of exfoliation, then diluting it by splashing water and eventually rinsing it off. If used undiluted, you can immediately feel it working and I imagine that it could cause some irritation, but when used according to the directions and diluted, I experienced a gentle exfoliation with no irritation. The fragrance is a gentle citrus, and the product itself is pretty watery, so their instruction to use a full capful when using as a shower face splash was wasteful, because the capful wouldn't even sit in my hand properly to splash over my face. I used about 1/3 of the capful each time, and that was about what my hand could hold and splash over my face without wasting any. I noticed a distinct brightening effect and a reduction in some teeny little bumps that I had on my chin in an area that generally needs more exfoliation than other parts of my face. I was impressed that after only a week and 1/2 of use a few times a week, my skin texture felt a lot better in those areas that respond well to exfoliation. I would love to see this line come up with a similar product for use on the body. Obviously it would be a bigger container, and maybe a more hydrogel like texture so that it wouldn't just splash off. Overall I'm delighted with this and really appreciate the innovation of a new method of applying exfoliating products to my face.

C'est M.

This stuff really is potent and really needs to be diluted. I tried the basin method (actually I used a cup and splashed it on my face while leaning over a sink) and my skin felt so refreshed. It made my clogged pores calm down before they could morph into full blown pimples. This product is supposed to take the place of a sheet mask (or whatever mask you're into) in your routine. I noticed that it doesn't have all of the filler junk you'll find in a lot of sheet masks (especially American masks, unfortunately). My skin feels conditioned, clean, and energized afterwards instead of funky and sticky. The citrus smell is strong but good and I love it. It lessens when diluted but is still strong. This bottle will last for a long time if used as directed. I definitely want to try more from Blithe.

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