Aurora Second Skin Primer & Setting Mist 82ml

2.7 fl oz

for Make-Up Ready Skin

Second Skin Barrier Technology  All-in-Cera

  • The concept of wearing a second skin by putting an All-in-Cera™ ingredient in Liquid Crystal Emulsion strengthens the skin's barrier and maintains moisturization to help in the actual makeup adhesion.
  • AURORA SECOND SKIN does not contain polymer like the other fixer. This product not only boosts makeup setting effect, but also provides healthy Moisture Glow to the skin.
  • Holographic effect that uses the reflective properties of light without artificial pearls.

5 Ceramide ingredients 0.1%

  • Contains all-in-Cera™, an effective and safe five-layer ceramide that is most similar to actual skin ingredients.
  • Ceramide AP : Helps restore moisture and minimize irritation
  • Ceramide NS : Improve Moisture Absorption
  • Ceramide NP : Strengthen the natural lipid barrier of dry and aging skin
  • Ceramide AS : Strengthen moisture barrier
  • Ceramide EOP : Skin Protection

Ultra Fine Mist Sprayer

  • Wide angle sprayer evenly sprays over the face even at a 30cm distance.
  • Soft and moist fine spray like walking in a water mist
  • Mist pump made in Germany

PEARL-free / D5-free / PEG- free

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