Vital Treatment

9 Essential Seeds 54ml (1.83 fl.oz.)

1.83 fl oz
      for Vitalizing & Brightening 
  • Vitalizing & Hydrating: Vital Treatment Series offers instant hydration & vitalization of the skin. It's formulated with fermented raw natural ingredients that boost the skin's natural strength.
  • Clarifying & Brightening: This product easily absorbs into the skin, reduces blemishes, and provides a clean, fresh look. The 9 Seeds & Niacinamide provides a lightening & moisturizing effect.
  • Organic Ingredients: Containing 78.982% extracts from 9 seeds such as Baobab Tree / Green Tea / Chia / Tea Tree / Lotus / Radish rich in Vitamin A B C, Calcium, minerals, and antioxidants.
  • Environmental Ingredients: This product is Eco Friendly & Cruelty-Free! It is NOT tested on animals and contains NO Paraben, Sulfates, Formaldehyde, Mineral Oil, Urea, BHT, TEA, or Phthalates.
  • Our Recommendation: It is suitable for all skin types, especially dark, dull & sensitive skin. 

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