Splash Line

Purify & Moisturize

The in-wash product begins with skincare in the bathroom where skin has direct contact with moisture.

Blithe offers splash products that constitute an innovative low-irritant bathroom care line to provide low-irritant skincare. It purifies city women’s irritated skin and provides moisture and nourishment to skin starting from the facial cleansing step. “Patting Splash Mask,” a representative product of the splash line, was inspired by Korea’s traditional facial cleansing method of using rice water.

The innovation of this product, which provides dead skin cell-removing care and vitamins and nourishment by simply tapping the face with rice water while washing the face, is recognized globally and introduced in New York Times and Vogue US. It has now become a must-have item for editors and beauty gurus in 24 countries around the world. 

  • Hypoallergenic exfoliation
  • Vitamin and nourishment supply
  • Weakly acidic pH balance
  • Moisturized feeling after washing the face, without any taut feeling