Pressed Line

Nourish & Treat

The after-wash product effectively delivers to skin excellent nourishment preserved with highly dense nourishment compression.

Blithe’s pressed skincare line is made of optimized recipe for skin by conducting research on the anti-oxidant substance of ingredients from clear areas with longer life expectancy. It is produced in a soft unique texture to maximize the effects of products by increasing the amount of extracts while minimizing irritation to skin. It makes the nourishment of highly concentrated natural ingredients penetrate skin through fast absorption and refreshes without any sticky feeling.


BLITHE Pressed Serum Line

Pressed Serum Line

As a representative product of the pressed line, BLITHE's Pressed Serum is a creative product constituting the pressed serum category in the USA.

Powerful Nutrition & Quick Absorption for Busy Working Women

The Pressed Serum Line represents highly nutritious compressed serums that offer deeper nutrition than a regular serum and better absorption than your normal cream or moisturizer for the face. The cold pressed Serum contains highly concentrated nutrition of natural ingredients found in the world's longevity regions. It is a smart multi-tasking product that makes your daily skincare routine simple, effective, and quicker while offering you more spare time in an otherwise busy life of working city women.

Pressed Serum is the signature item that represents BLITHE philosophy. The 4 categorized solutions are based on research on the main skin troubles of urban women. The Solid type serum combines the advantages of serum and cream for simultaneous time-efficiency and efficacy. It offers deeper and richer moisturization than regular serums and a far-better absorption rate than what a usual cream is able to deliver.



  • Nourishment of natural ingredients obtained from pure areas around the world¬†
  • Unique texture and function by product¬†
  • Quick absorption of oil fermented for 120 hours
  • Smart beauty with multi-function



Tundra Chaga

The chaga mushroom is a unique natural mushroom that grows by absorbing sap from birch trees in tundra regions. It has become well-known as an ‚Äúimmortal mushroom‚ÄĚ and a ‚Äúgift from God‚ÄĚ for its strong vitality. It is rich in beta-glucan, an effective antioxidant that makes dull skin caused by stress look bright instantly and moisturizes skin and protects it from the external environment.

Tundra Chaga contains Adenosine (0.04g) which is a natural moisturizing ingredient with proven wrinkle-reducing effects and stability. It helps prevent facial lines from collapsing by increasing elasticity and regenerating the cells.

Tundra Chaga is Recommended for
People who have lifeless, saggy and dry skin that needs revival and hydration.


Pressed Serum Velvet Yam for Dry Damaged Skin

Velvet Yam

BLITHE's Velvet Yam contains 68.79% extracts from wild Yam Root. Yams, which are enjoyed by people in the longevity village area of the Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica, were often cultivated in the mountains and fields for the natives to use as food. Yam is well-known for its nutritious benefits as it is rich in various amino acids, sugars, and saponins. The root of the yam contains mucin - a mucous ingredient that consists of complex proteins combined with sugars and is excellent for skin care. The natural botanical mucin offers important proteins that can help to synthesize collagen and provide a thin but strong film layer of moisture.

Velvet Yam is Recommended for
People with
 normal to dry skin that needs instant and enriched hydration. 


Gold Apricot for Dry Dull Skin

Gold Apricot

The seed of the Apricot fruit offers many benefits when using the extracts in skincare. Due to the Apricot extract's high level of antioxidants and beta carotene, the serum can help to suppress the occurrence of spots and freckles, repair skin damaged by UV rays, improve and whiten complexion, and keep the skin soft and supple.

The facial serum contains 31.27% Apricot seed extract and Niacinamide that contains natural antioxidants and beta carotene. The Apricot extract provides a healing feeling and hydrating effect on damaged troubled skin and the Niacinamide helps to decrease blemishes and dark spots.

Gold Apricot is Recommended for
People with 
dull and dry skin that needs an energy boost. 


Crystal Iceplant

Crystal Iceplant

In order to survive the African desert, the Ice Plant forms bladder cells that glow all over the leaves which store various minerals, nutrients, and moisture. It is full of antioxidants such as zinc, beta-carotene, and polyphenols that help in the formation of collagen, which is essential for the skin. Its various minerals and moisture ingredients reduce heat and moisturize the skin.

Due to the Ice plant extracts and natural ferments of Eucalyptus & Evening Primrose, the skin is boosted with moisture that relieves stress and balances the skin & pores without being sticky.

Crystal Iceplant is Recommended for
People with heated, irritated and oily skin that needs cooling.



Vital Treatment line

Vital Treatment Line

Vital Treatment is BLITHE's skin health-restoring solution that contains 45%-80% of natural root, seed, and bean extracts that help strengthen the skin barrier and help improve the skin cell composition. The Vital Treatment Essence contains the oils of natural raw ingredients that have been earnestly fermented for 120 hours. It applies lightly and offers outstanding absorption effects with improved emulsification.

With the Vital Treatment Line, you get an Essence/Toner that offers:

  • A rich and soft liquid texture
  • Fermented raw ingredients that penetrate into the skin, all the way to the dermal layer
  • Aids natural regeneration of skin cells, leaving a clearer and healthier skin tone, texture, and complexion
  • Multi-functionality in only 1 product that helps build up the skin's natural strength and power

5 Energy Roots vital treatment5 Energy Roots

The 5 Energy Roots Essence has a rich and soft liquid texture consisting of 46% extract from 5 types of roots that are rich in vitamins and amino acids. Each type of root extract provides various benefits for the skin such as nutrition and antioxidants that may help improve the natural strength and energy of the skin.

Ingredients benefits
1. Burdock Root: Minerals and healthy complexion 2. Lance Asiabell Root: Antioxidants and anti-inflammatory 3. Balloon Flower Root: Rich in amino acids and soothes skin 4. Red Ginseng: Antioxidants and energy 5. Lotus Root: Vitamin C and antioxidants.

5 Energy Roots is Recommended for
People with weak, fatigued, and dry skin that needs a boost of energy and nutrients.


8 Nourishing Beans

The 8 Nourishing Bean Essence has a rich and soft liquid texture consisting of 80.834% extract from 8 types of beans that are rich in collagen and proteins. Each type of bean extract provides various benefits for the skin such as nutrition and antioxidants that may help improve skin elasticity and firmness.

Ingredients benefits
1. Black Soybean: Anti-aging and complexion improvement 2. Soybean: Collagen and moisture supply 3. Carob Bean: Antioxidant and detoxication 4. Mung Bean: Treatment of skin ailments 5. Kidney Bean: Skin regeneration 6. Lentil Bean: Nourishment and moisture charge 7. Red Bean/Adzuki: Skin complexion improvement 8. Peanut: Vitamin E and skin protection.

8 Nourishing Beans is Recommended for
People with rough tired skin that has fine lines and wrinkles.


9 essential seeds vital treatment toner essence

9 Essential Seeds

The Baobab Tree, Chia, and Lotus seeds provide hydration, moisture, and Vitamin C to the skin which strengthens the skin barrier and has anti-aging benefits. Fennel and Rosehip seeds help soothe and brighten the skin which makes the essence ideal for people with dark spots and dull sensitive skin. The Green Tea Tree, Quinoa, and Grape seeds provide antioxidants and nourishment which helps improve the skin texture and decreasing blemishes, freckles, and dark spots.

The essence toner consists of 9 seed extract from Baobab Tree, Green Tea Tree, Chia, Evening Primrose, Fennel, Rosehip, Lotus, Grape, and Quinea seeds.

9 Essential Seeds is Recommended for
People with dark dull & sensitive skin that needs brightening and moisture.