Nourish & Treat

The after-wash product effectively delivers to skin excellent nourishment preserved with highly dense nourishment compression.

Blithe’s pressed skincare line is made of optimized recipe for skin by conducting research on the anti-oxidant substance of ingredients from clear areas with longer life expectancy. It is produced in a soft unique texture to maximize the effects of products by increasing the amount of extracts while minimizing irritation to skin. It makes the nourishment of highly concentrated natural ingredients penetrate skin through fast absorption and refreshes without any sticky feeling.

As a representative product of the pressed line, Pressed Serum is a creative product constituting the pressed serum category in the USA. It is made with the soft texture of cream and fast absorption of serum, and it has received great reviews from many influencers.

  • Nourishment of natural ingredients obtained from pure areas around the world 
  • Unique texture and function by product 
  • Quick absorption of oil fermented for 120 hours
  • Smart beauty with multi-function