Inbetween Line

Prep. Makeup

Blithe's Inbetween skincare line offers makeup priming solutions that help to perfect and prep the skin before applying makeup. Besides the priming features, the exclusive Inbetween products help to improve the coloration and adherence of makeup while also protecting the skin.

The Inbetween  line was developed to offer simple yet effective skincare solutions to minimize the time women spend on their makeup routines. The concept behind the Inbetween products is to offer multitasking products that would both Prime, Moisturize, and Protect the skin all day. All of the Inbetween products provide a “nutrient barrier” that coats the skin and protects it from outside dirt and pollution while also keeping it hydrated. Due to the innovative technology behind the primers such as all-in-Cera and Amphiphile Film, the Inbetween solutions provide long-lasting makeup effects and increased color payoff.

With Blithe's Inbetween primers you get:

  • Film barrier that protects the skin

  • Long-lasting primer effect which makeup strongly adheres to

  • Optimized oil and moisture balance of the skin

  • Maximized color payoff of makeup



    aurora second skin setting mist and primer

    Aurora Second Skin

    Blithe Setting Spray is a vivid, glowing, miraculous moisturizing primer and setting mist that gives a long-lasting and smooth make-up finish! Aurora Second Skin Primer & Setting Mist is formulated with quintuple ceramide ingredients (All-in-Cera) which form a liquid crystal barrier that feels like a second skin. The priming Setting Mist can be used before and after applying makeup. Its hydrating barrier controls the balance between oil and moisture contents to refresh the skin in readiness for makeup application and helps the makeup last longer.

    A "Second Skin Barrier" is created through the 5 layers of Ceramide that helps restore & keep the skin moisturized while strengthening the skin barrier and block harmful substances.

    Aurora Second Skin is Recommended for
    People with normal to dry skin that needs all day protection, hydrations, and strong hold of cosmetics.


    makeup prep essence ampoule primer with niacinamide

    Makeup Prep. Essence

    The Prep Essence is one of BLITHE's unique and innovative products that has a multitasking effect. When applying the essence before makeup, the formula will help fortify the natural skin barrier to retain moisture levels and protect the skin from harmful environmental aggressors. While wearing makeup, the essence enhances the color payoff and helps the cosmetics to stay put all day long. Enjoy a long-lasting makeup effect that will last till midnight! After a long day of work or house chores, the makeup base can easily be removed when washing the face as the film barrier helps to dissolve and separate the makeup from the skin.

    The Essence contains Niacinamide that helps to brighten the skin complexion. The Tomato Leaf extract offers anti-aging and moisturizing benefits that gives the skin a fresh dewy look.

    Makeup Prep. Essence is Recommended for
    People with normal, mature skin, or dry skin who needs strong color payoff of cosmetic, hydration and brightening of the skin.