Patting Splash Mask

Patting Splash Mask Yellow Citrus & Honey 70ml (2.3 fl.oz.)

2.3 fl oz
 for Brightening & Radiance
  • Patting Splash Mask:  This product offers 3 variations of facial masks. Inspired by the Korean traditional facial wash method with rice water to make your face brightened and moisturized.
  • Vitality & Radiance: It is easy to use and its rich Vitamin C level helps to illuminate the skin while the honey gives a moisturizing boost.
  • Organic Ingredients: This product contains a concentrated blend of citrus acid, lemon, and honey extracts that helps brighten dull and fatigued skin and helps skin appear more radiant and invigorating.
  • Our Recommendation: It is suitable for all skin types, especially dark dull & sensitive skin. 

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