Introducing New INBETWEEN Priming Cream Trio

Advanced hypoallergenic formulas for vibrant, long-lasting makeup ready skin

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Your perfect primer is the ultimate multi-tasker and works wonders under makeup without being the star of the show. The primer acts as a barrier between your skin and the makeup you are about to apply. The right formula preps your skin and creates a perfect base for the rest of your makeup, which helps it stay put for longer while addressing an array of skincare woes. 

As any skincare application does not have one size fit, all- primers are no exception. At BLITHE Cosmetics, we have developed three new INBETWEEN priming creams based on research for main skin issues in urban women. This priming cream trio works a treat for creating the silky-smooth canvas for flawless application and delivers unique skincare benefits. So, you can find the best that perfectly meets your skin's needs.


01 INBETWEEN Tone-up Priming Cream

Applying SPF is unarguably the essential step of your morning routine. If you need to skip a few steps in the early hours without compromising your skin and look awesome with simple, quick makeup, this is the right primer for you.

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Formulated with SPF 43+ PA+++ hypoallergic physical sunscreen to shield the skin from harmful UVA & UVB, INBETWEEN Tone-up Priming Cream corrects flushed or uneven skin tones without white caste and greasy residue. Instead, it is left feeling soft, super touchable, and ready for smooth makeup and long-lasting application.

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No longer an add-on to your morning makeup routine, this primer offers skincare benefits, harnessing everything from Triple brightener (Three ingredients including Arbutin, Vitamin C-derivative Ascorbyl Palmitate, and Glutathione that help defy melanin production) to Niacinamide to brighten, balance, and enhance the complexion for the day ahead.


02 INBETWEEN Glow Priming Cream 

The three-in-one formula is ideal for preparing the skin for a beautiful makeup look. It offers more than you would ask from a primer- a highlighter and a nourishing cream. Whether you have a skin in need of a glow rescue or want a sleek, radiant complexion with quick and straightforward, makeup-exclusive skincare, this is the best suitor for you.

glow priming cream luminous smooth and vibrant skin

Applying INBETWEEN Glow Priming Cream sits nicely on the skin, acting as a second skin creating a skin canvas. This BLITHE's unique "Pseudo-skin" technology combines with "Skin Prism" technology and pearlescent effect to smooth skin and provide Aurora-like instant glow for vibrant and luminous complexion with no loose powder or oiliness.

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The brand-backed data also reveals this priming cream increases hydration by 20%. Moreover, the formula is further enriched with patented Tomato extract that helps protect skin from pollutants and preserve youthful vitality.

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03 INBETWEEN Pore Priming Cream

If you have been playing around with tinted products and makeup for a while, you might have noticed that excess shine is difficult to control, and pores & fine lines are the hardest to smooth out. That is why INBETWEEN Pore Priming Cream is such a unique formula! 

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It coats your skin with a confutable Butyl Avocadate that controls excess sebum staying on longer, all the while keeping it matte. The primer also smooths pores away and blurs skin texture with Silicone-free Pore-filling Perfect Makeup Technology.

 smoothing bumpy skin uneven wrinkles thin layer silicon free

As a result, the skin appears even as your makeup looks flawless. Besides, thanks to five-calming botanicals (Cica, Heartleaf, Green Tea, Tea Tree, Mugwort Extract), this priming cream helps soothe, protect stressed & sensitive skin.

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