Benefits of Tundra Chaga Serum

Ultimate Nutrition and Firming for Visibly-aged and Lifeless Skin


What is Tundra Chaga?

The chaga mushroom is a unique natural mushroom that grows by absorbing sap from birch trees in tundra regions. It has become well-known as an “immortal mushroom” and a “gift from God” for its strong vitality. It is rich in beta-glucan, an effective antioxidant that makes dull skin caused by stress look bright instantly and moisturizes skin and protects it from the external environment.

Tundra Chaga contains Adenosine (0.04g) which is a natural moisturizing ingredient with proven wrinkle-reducing effects and stability. It helps prevent facial lines from collapsing by increasing elasticity and regenerating the cells.



Benefits of Tundra Chaga Serum

  1. Elasticity improvement of weak skin
  2. Concentrated reduction of wrinkles
  3. Prevention of wrinkles with powerful moisturizing effects.


Nourishing, Firming, & Moisturizing

The solid serum moisturizes and nourishes visibly-aged and dry skin and helps the skin to remain hydrated and healthy. The serum feels refreshing and non-sticky on the skin.

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